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Commercial Catering

CCCN1 Commercial Catering

CODC1 Commercial Catering changeover from either domestic CCN1 or commercial COCN1

COMCAT 1 Open/Solid Top Ranges, Boiling burners, Stockpot stoves, Hotplates, Warming ovens, Bain Marie Hot Cupboards, Combination ovens, Forced and Natural Convection, Direct and semi-indirect Ovens, Boiling pans direct and indirect, Bulk Liquid and jacketed Urns, Expansion type Water Boilers, Gas fired dishwashers, Gas Heated Rinsing sinks.

COMCAT 3 Deep Fat and Pressure Fryers, Bratt pans, Griddles, Grills – Salamanders, Simulated Charcoal, Over/Under fired Ancillary equipment.

COMCAT 5 Forced draught burner appliances, Appliances covered by assessments 1 & 3 that are fitted with forced draught burners.